Green Valley Acres in Texas

Unit 26 Lot 30 10.00 acres

This is a beautiful 10 acre property in Green Valley Acres near the Van Horn Mountains.  It is only 3/4 mile from FM Road 2017, and is a bit over 18 miles from Van Horn.  It's 660 feet by 660 feet.  To walk the property boundary would take you half a mile.



These satellite images give you an idea of the property location & the mountain skyline views.





The approximate GPS coordinates of the property corners are:

     30°46'30.77"N, 104°47'43.63"W

     30°46'37.31"N, 104°47'43.63"W

     30°46'30.77"N, 104°47'51.20"W

     30°46'37.31"N, 104°47'51.20"W


Click on this link if you want to see these GPS coordinates on Google Maps.  There you can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, etc.



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