Your Cheap Land specializes in providing affordable land for sale in Colorado, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico. We aim to make land ownership accessible to everyone, regardless of budget.

We own the land we sell

We are not brokers and we are not middlemen for anonymous sellers. Our family name, Stephens, will show in the county ownership record of each property. 

By selling direct we avoid realtors’ fees and advertising expenses, which allows us to offer high quality land for sale at low affordable prices.

Finance through us

We also offer our own financing, for which everyone qualifies, with no credit check. There will never be a lien or back taxes owed on any property that we sell.

We always have done, and always will do, whatever we can to ensure that your real estate purchase is easy and worry free. Whether you are purchasing your land for investment, to build, or for recreation, we are happy when you are happy!

Find your dream property

Please take some time to look through our properties for sale. You may be looking for ranch land, mountain land; desert land, forested land, ¼ acre or dozens of acres or something in between.

Whatever your goal is we want to help you reach it easily, quickly, and yes, cheaply!

Contact our team with any questions you have, or for driving directions to your perfect property.

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