Frontier Shores in Oklahoma

Lot 557 0.24 acres

Lot 557 has 73 foot Eastern frontage on Waresha Trail and is 150 foot deep making a nice 0.25 acres. The property slants up from the road and to the NorthWest with a change in elevation of about 30 feet. It is covered in grasses, brush and trees. It is a short 1.28 mile drive from the entrance to the Subdivision. There are power lines that run along the Southern side of the property and water lines along the Eastern side.
There are a few neighbors nearby.

*Mobile Homes are permitted in this part of the subdivision.

The approximate GPS coordinates for the property corners are:

     Approximate GPS coordinates for the Northwest corner of the property:     36°15'50.95"N, 96°20'29.30"W

     Approximate GPS coordinates for the Northeast corner of the property:      36°15'50.95"N, 96°20'27.51"W

     Approximate GPS coordinates for the Southwest corner of the property:     36°15'50.25"N, 96°20'29.30"W

     Approximate GPS coordinates for the Southeast corner of the property:      36°15'50.25"N, 96°20'27.51"W


Click on this link if you want to see these coordinates on Google Maps.  There you can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, etc.
Additional NotesMobiles Homes Allowed

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