Hudspeth Co. Odds & Ends in Texas

20 Mountainous Acres Bl72 Sect9 W2 NW4 SE4 20.00 +/- acres

This is one of four adjacent 20 +/- acre parcels we have in the beautiful and dramatic Quitman Mountains.  This area is home to the aoudad, mule deer, mountain lion, quail, dove, and black bear.  This property is about 6 miles from the river and also at high altitude.  Very high.  This is as rugged terrain as you could want, this property doesn't just have mountain views, it is actually on the mountains themselves.

This parcel is the west half of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 9 in Block 72 of Hudspeth County.  Maximum elevation on this property is about 4,666 feet.  It is about 11 1/2 miles south of Sierra Blanca, and less than 10 miles east of Fort Quitman.  We haven't been to this property but it looks like the closest you might get a vehicle to it is a trail road about 1/2 mile to the south.

This is property is for the rugged outdoorsperson, whether climber, hiker, or hunter. 

The approximate GPS coordinates of the property corners:   

     Northwest    31° 1'6.42"N, 105°25'47.01"W

     Northeast     31° 1'6.42"N, 105°25'39.43"W

     Southeast     31° 0'53.37"N, 105°25'39.46"W

     Southwest    31° 0'53.37"N, 105°25'47.05"W


Click on this link if you want to see these GPS coordinates on Google Maps.  There you can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, etc.
Additional NotesAdjacent Parcel Available

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