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Enchanted Valley Estates 1.00 +/- acre

These are two adjoining 1/2 acre lots in Luna County, New Mexico.  You can combine them to have an approximately 1 acre property.  Generally you need at least 3/4 acre to qualify for a building permit with a conventional septic system.  They are Lots 3 and 4 in Block 4 of Enchanted Valley Estates, a completely undeveloped subdivision.  As far as we can tell, there is currently nobody living within a mile of these properties.

That is one of their main attractions, as well as spectacular views of the Florida Mountains.  You will be about 6.3 miles southeast of the Deming exit on Interstate Highway 10; less than 4 miles from the Rockhound State Park Visitors Center; and about 2 miles from the Basin Range Geolapidary Museum.

When these lots were subdivided, their northwest and northeast corners were marked with steel rods.  

We have not been to these properties.  From satellite mapping we can see that the subdivision’s roads were graded long ago, and are overgrown because nobody has been driving on them.  We do not know whether you can drive to these properties with no problem in a pickup or SUV, or whether some road grading would be necessary.  You will need to determine access for yourself.

In addition to the usual satellite photos, in the slideshow we also put some Google Street View photos taken in the direction of these properties from several different angles, to give you a feel for the area.

You will be off grid with no available utilities.  There is power along the east side of the block, about 700 yards away.

If you are looking for a beautiful secluded spot, this could be perfect for you.  You can camp/RV up to 30 days per year while holding them for investment, or you can build your dream off grid home.  For more information on land usage please call the county building and planning department: 575-546-0494.

Click here to see the FEMA map showing that these properties are not in a flood zone.  The approximate property location is marked with a red asterisk.


Click here to see these great properties in Google Maps!


Click here for driving directions.


The approximate GPS coordinates for the corners of this pair of adjoining properties:   

     Northwest   32.214411 -107.672929

     Northeast    32.214411 -107.672154

     Southeast   32.213911 -107.672154

     Southwest  32.213911 -107.672929

Important Buyer Notes

No business or commercial activity of any kind is allowed involving a property under loan contract. Any plans you might have of a commercial nature must wait until the property is paid for in full and ownership has been transferred to you.

To apply for a camping/RV permit, you must contact the county’s planning and development department.  You will need a copy of your deed.  If you are still financing your property with us, then you will need us to provide you with a permission letter and also a copy of our deed.  If RVing, you will also need to show the planning and development department your RV registration.

To build on a property, you also will need to provide a copy of your deed or a letter and deed copy from us if you are still financing the property.  You will be dealing with the state environmental department for septic approval, the state engineers office for a water well permit, and you will need to have your solar system, wind turbine, or electric line installation approved.  And you will need to have an address issued for the property.  Luna County’s planning and development department is extremely helpful. 


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