Timberon in New Mexico

Unit 13, Block 177, Lots 1 & 2 1.18 +/- acres

Lot 1 - 0.626 acre - 91 Gomez Drive

Lot 2 - 0.557 acre - 82 Gomez Drive

This great pair of adjacent lots can be combined for almost 1.2 acres.  They are close to the eastern mountains which makes for incredible views.

The elevation varies about 65 feet throughout the lots. You will probably pick your spot and level it when you are ready to build because you will have equipment then to remove trees and prepare the foundation.  That is probably also when you will use your equipment to grade in along the road easements.  The road has not been graded as far as these properties yet, you can choose to leave them as is or improve along the easement at any time that suits you. 

This could make a spectacular building site for a mountainside home.  Alternatively, this could be your gorgeous base to camp when visiting the area and enjoying the Lincoln National Forest.  You can enjoy your property while holding it for investment.  Your property will be off grid, utilities have not been run to this area yet but power is about 330 yards away.    

This pair of lots is half a mile from the border of about 500,000 acres of US Forest Service Land! 

Click here to see these great properties on Google Maps!

 The approximate GPS coordinates for the corners of this pair of lots:

      32.634600° -105.669200°

      32.635000° -105.669200°

      32.635600° -105.669200°

      32.635400° -105.669700°

      32.635000° -105.669500°

      32.634800 -105.670000°

Important Buyer Notes

No trees or heavy brush may be removed from a property while it is under loan contract. It is possible on a case by case basis that we might waive this requirement if a large down payment is made on the loan. Generally you will need to wait until the property is fully paid off. 

No business or commercial activity of any kind is allowed involving a property under loan contract. Any plans you might have of a commercial nature must wait until the property is paid for in full and ownership has been transferred to you.



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