*SOLD OUT* Sierra Blanca Ranch in Texas

Sierra Blanca Ranch 

Big and Beautiful West Texas


These parcels are beautiful approximately 5.29 acre home sites, about 78 miles southeast of El Paso. They are about 7 to 9 miles south of Sierra Blanca, which is the county seat of Hudspeth County. They are in Unit 1 and Unit 2 of Sierra Blanca Ranch, which is roughly 7 to 9 miles from highway I-10 in Section 17 and Section 24 of Block 68 1/2 in Hudspeth County.

This is a beautiful undeveloped area with some of the most incredible views west Texas has to offer. Just to the west running on a line northwest to southeast is the incredible Quitman Mountain Range. To the east, in a parallel line to the Quitmans, is Devil Ridge, which runs all the way down to Eagle Peak which is about 19 miles away to the southeast. Sierra Blanca Mountain is about 13 miles away just west of north. The mountains provide the most beautiful views you could want. You would also be just 11 or 12 miles from the famous Rio Grande River.

The terrain is mostly gentle rising with occasional hills. These parcels are buildable and would be great for an offgrid cabin site. They are sprinkled with pinion, juniper, yucca, mesquite, live oak, and grasses. Mule deer, antelope, aoudad, white wing dove, quail, and even bighorn sheep roam the area. There are a lot of rabbits and quite a few roadrunners.

This area is especially rich in history. Old Spanish Trail is a remnant of the earliest Spanish explorers. It was traveled by both wagon trains and stagecoaches from at least 1854 to 1882, and it runs right through Sierra Blanca Ranch! About 17 1/4 miles to the east along Old Spanish Trail there is a historical marker near the remains of an old stagecoach stand, near Eagle Spring.

Quoting the Texas State Historical Association regarding nearby Indian Hot Springs:

"A more ferocious group, the Mescalero Apaches, greeted later European
travelers and explorers, who learned to avoid springs frequented by them.
Among these was Indian Hot Springs, a sacred place to the Apaches, who
used the medicinal water to heal wounds."

Taxes are currently about $60 per year. You could look into having a water well drilled, but a much cheaper option is to haul water in from Van Horn which is about 28 miles away. Water tanks are affordable from major retailers. When we were in the area cell phone coverage was fine. Electricity has been run to the middle of Unit 1, but not yet to these properties. You would need to contact the local electric utility for information, or solar generation could be a great choice. Sewage would be by septic - - if and when you decide to build. Mobile homes, RV's, and modular homes are allowed. These parcels can be used as residential, agricultural, recreational, for livestock, and/or investment. You can camp on your property if you want to.  This is green fertile land.

Driving from Sierra Blanca you would take FM Road 1111 south, then turn left onto Indian Hot Springs Road. There are several good dirt roads that can bring you to the edge of Sierra Blanca Ranch. There are a few trail roads within Sierra Blanca Ranch, and any place is easily accessible by SUV. This is a great area for some privacy and to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Hudspeth County is situated in far west Texas between El Paso County to the west and Culberson County to the east. This is a beautiful area. The air is clean, the water is clear, and there is basically no pollution and no crime here. Mountain sunrises and sunsets will be the joys of your life. The night sky is so clear you will be amazed by how many stars you can see.

You will experience 4 enjoyable seasons as the climate is mild and dry, with an average minimum temperature of 30 degrees in January and an average maximum of 94 degrees in July. The growing season is 224 days a year, and the average annual rainfall is 10 inches. Hudspeth County is in the Rio Grande Basin where the soil is primarily made up of top soil, clay, sandy loam, and sand.

You can hold your land as is for investment or build your dream off grid home or camp. You are allowed to enjoy your property whether you intend to build on it or not.


No business or commercial activity of any kind is allowed involving a property under loan contract.  Any plans you might have of a commercial nature must wait until the property is paid for in full and ownership has been transferred to you.


Available Properties

Property Acres Price
Unit 1 Parcel 102 5.29 +/- Trail Road Nearby $7,950.00 Sold!
Unit 2 Parcel 21 5.29 +/- Close To Mountains $7,950.00 Sold!
Unit 2 Parcel 71 5.29 +/- Trail Roads Nearby $7,950.00 Sold!

This map shows where the property location is in the state of Texas.  The map is interactive, you can zoom in, out, scroll, etc.:



Available Properties

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Property Acres Price
Unit 1 Parcel 102 5.29 +/- Trail Road Nearby $7,950.00 Sold!
Unit 2 Parcel 21 5.29 +/- Close To Mountains $7,950.00 Sold!
Unit 2 Parcel 71 5.29 +/- Trail Roads Nearby $7,950.00 Sold!

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