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Vista Heights 2, Sect 37, Lot 4 20.27 +/- acres

Vista Heights 2 is an undeveloped subdivision in the gorgeous area south of Dell City along FM Road 1437.

This beautiful approximately 20.272 acre property is Vista Heights 2, Section 37, Lot 4.

It's a secluded area less than 2 miles from FM Road 1437 and just over 10 miles from the downtown intersection in Dell City. 

There are road easements around every property, none are landlocked.  You can grade in along these easements at any time if you choose to do so.  There is an existing north-south trail road along the section line/easement on the east side of Lot 4.  High capacity electric lines run along that trail road.  There is also an old trail road to FM Road 1437 that runs along the section line/easement along the north side of Lot 4.  You can choose to leave this easement as it is, or you can improve it at will.

There is someone about 5 miles away who hires out with a road grader, we will be happy to put you in touch with him if you would like to grade in along any existing easements.  Of course you can leave things as they are indefinitely while you hold your property for enjoyment and investment.  

Lot 4 is in the northeast corner of Section 37, and 5/8" rebar was placed at that corner as a marker.

There is no zoning in rural Hudspeth County.  There are no subivision restrictions.  There are no property owners association (POA) or home owners association (HOA).  You can camp or RV without restriction, and build a residence if and when you want to do so.  You can build anything from a tiny home to a mansion.

You will be near the agricultural area of Dell City, with tremendous mountain views.  There are no available utilities, although electricity does run along FM Road 1437.

We have not been to this property, you can investigate the existing trail roads and determine whether they are adequate to your needs or whether you want to improve your access.

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The approximate GPS coordinates of Lot 15's corners:

     Northwest      31.791984° -105.170925°

     Northeast       31.791984° -105.166535°

     Southeast       31.790207° -105.166535°

     Southwest      31.790207° -105.170925°

Important Buyer Note

No business or commercial activity of any kind is allowed involving a property under loan contract. Any plans you might have of a commercial nature must wait until the property is paid for in full and ownership has been transferred to you.

Additional NotesGorgeous Dell City Area

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