Duchesne County in Utah

105 Acres 105 +/- acres

This is a spectacular approximately 105 acre property in southern Duchesne County, about 13 miles southwest of Duchesne.

It straddles a ridge, dipping down into Cottonwood Canyon.  The south side of the property borders the Ashley National Forest and a huge acreage of US Forest Service land.

Your scenery will be amazing.  There is an oil well on the property, which is typical in the region.  The plus side of this is that the drilling company improved their right of way so that the well can be easily reached.  We were told by the drilling company that the property owner is free to use this right of way to access the property, but access is ultimately to be determined by the buyer.

This could be your amazing hunting or off grid residential property.  The well is small and unobtrusive.  Eventually when the well stops producing, the drilling company will abandon it and remove their equipment.  At that time they are obligated to restoring the property at the wish of the land owner.  However you will probably want to retain the excellent concrete pad and improved road.  We have been told that the property owner can apply for water rights.

Among many other animals, Elk, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear, and Dusky Grouse roam this property.

This property is Parcel 00-0034-6428 in Township 5S, Range 6W, Section 34 of Duchesne County.  It is zoned A-5.

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The approximate GPS coordinates of the property's corners:     

      40.003151° -110.541375°

      40.003149° -110.539814°

      40.000450° -110.539812°

      40.000448° -110.536676°

      39.996028° -110.536692°

      39.996019° -110.546039°

      39.999588° -110.546049°

      39.999588° -110.543745°

      40.000452° -110.543747°

      40.000451° -110.541371°

Important Buyer Notes

No business or commercial activity of any kind is allowed involving a property under loan contract.  Any plans you might have of a commercial nature must wait until the property is paid for in full and ownership has been transferred to you.

For the initial payment we will arrange payment with you by wire transfer or certified check.








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