Rio Del Oro Homesites in New Mexico

Unit 48 Block 29 Lots 1,9,10 0.75 +/- acres

These three great lots are west of the Manzano Expressway, closer yet to the developed areas.  They are less than 550 feet from land designated for a park / elementary school / community center.  They are just over 500 feet from Formosa Boulevard, De Haan Loop is less than 0.6 mile away.  The Manzano Expressway is less than 1/2 mile east.



* PURCHASE NOTE*  We acquired these lots through a special purchase and we must restrict credit card payments for them.  If you are purchasing outright, you can use a credit card to do so.  But if you are financing them with us, you can use your credit card for the initial down payment but subsequent installment payments must be made by check, money order, or bank transfer. 


Approximate GPS Coordinates of the property corners:

Lot 1:

     34°40'33.31"N, 106°41'39.85"W

     34°40'33.17"N, 106°41'38.23"W

     34°40'32.26"N, 106°41'38.34"W

     34°40'32.37"N, 106°41'39.70"W

     34°40'32.63"N, 106°41'39.93"W      

Lot 9:

     34°40'34.07"N, 106°41'38.11"W

     34°40'33.94"N, 106°41'36.49"W

     34°40'33.04"N, 106°41'36.61"W

     34°40'33.17"N, 106°41'38.23"W      

Lot 10:

     34°40'33.17"N, 106°41'38.23"W

     34°40'33.04"N, 106°41'36.61"W

     34°40'32.33"N, 106°41'36.69"W

     34°40'32.15"N, 106°41'36.98"W

     34°40'32.26"N, 106°41'38.34"W


Click on this link if you want to see these GPS coordinates on Google Maps.  There you can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, etc.  The shapes you see on Google Maps are approximate, please see the above plat map for actual dimensions.

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