Rio Del Oro in New Mexico

Unit 49, Block 37, Lots 22, 23, 24 0.75 +/- acres

Here's a tremendous group of three adjacent lots that will be of interest to anyone who has been paying attention to economic developments in the area recently.

Each lot is approximately 0.25 acre.  You can leave them as they are in anticipation of rising real estate prices, or you can combine them to have an approximately 0.75 acre property that you could choose to build on now if you desire to do so.

La Merced Elementary School is less than 2/3 mile away from these properties.  They are just north of the developed area of the Rio Communities, on the west side of the Manzano Expressway nearer to developed areas.  

They're located on Rue Avenue, a platted cul-de-sac, with Lot 24 being the corner lot at the intersection with Kardeen Circle. 

NOTE FOR INVESTORS:  We have no special or insider knowledge of the area.  However In our listings we have added "Investor" next to properties that we think might be of particular interest to people who are excited about area growth and looking for investment.  The properties that we tag with "investor" are in areas near existing development and/or in areas where we have been seeing interest from land investors.  However we are not financial consultants, you must do your own due diligence.


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The approximate GPS coordinates for the corners of this group of adjacent lots:

        34.669297°  -106.717524°

        34.669390°  -106.716812°

        34.669021°  -106.716741°

        34.668917°  -106.717536°

Additional NotesInvestor

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