Sun Valley in Arizona

Huge Recreational Property 84.79 +/- acres

This is a spectacular and unique approximately 84.79 acre recreational property.  It runs along the Puerco River in Sun Valley.  This is a great spot for tearing around in your ATV, looking for petrified wood and pottery shards, target shooting, and whatever other legal fun you get up to.  This is a very big playground.  It's about 1.4 miles wide!  This is a visually dramatic area and Petrified Forest National Park is off to the east and southeast.  

This is a secluded area and yet it is very easy to drive to,  just a few minutes from Exit 294 of Interstate Highway 40.  Holbrook is only about 15 or 20 minutes away.  It is important to close the property's access gate every time you pass through, as this is open range and cattle cannot be allowed to wander onto the railroad tracks.

The Puerco River holds water after heavy rainfalls and during the spring snow melt.

The legal description of this property is T18N, R22E, Section 21, Portion Lying North Of The Rio Puerco Except RR R/W Except:  N2 NW4 & NW4 NE4 & SW4 NW4 & NW4 SW4 & W2 W2 SE4 NW4.  It is zoned A-General and the annual property tax is only about $128.  The property is bordered on its north side by state owned land.  



The following video begins by showing the photographer crossing the railroad tracks and driving east to the property.  Then there is footage of the property, and it ends with the photographer taking a little drive down the Puerco River bed itself. 



We have many photos of this tremendous property and you can see them by using the following map.  First, click on the square shape in the upper right of the map, the shape that looks like four corners of a square.  This will open the map full size in a new tab.  The locations where the photos were taken will show on the left of the screen as GPS coordinates.  Click on any set of coordinates and on the left of the screen a thumbnail of the photo will show.  Meanwhile on the right of your screen, the place marker where the photo was taken will be surrounded with a white circle to identify it.  Below that thumbnail on the left of your screen it will tell you which direction the camera was facing when the photo was taken.  Below that is a link that will show you the full size photo if you click on it.  This is a full featured Google Map, you can zoom in and out, and pan around to see the entire area. 


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