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40 Acres In Green River Area 40.00 +/- acres

This is a great 40 acre property with spectacular mountain views, about 14 miles southwest of Van Horn.   The Eagle Mountains are 3 miles to the west, and other mountains within view are the Van Horn Mountains, Carrizo Mountains, Squaw Peak, and more.

The legal description of this property is Township 10, Block 67, Section 10 SW4-NW4.  We have seen copies of deeds for properties in this section and other sections on over to Green River Road, and they have 30 foot access easements around the borders of properties and also respect any existing roads.  There is a nice trail road running through the area that comes in off of Green River Road.

The Green River, an ephemeral tributary of the Rio Grande River, runs through this property.  Most of the property is at least 10 feet higher than the old riverbed.  The Green River area is known for very good wells as you can see by googling the 2001 Evaluation Of Groundwater Recharge In Basins In Trans-Pecos Texas by Scanlon, Darling, and Mullican, and also the Texas Water Development Board's Report R356, Chapter 16, The Aquifers Of Red Light Draw, and Green River Valley, and Eagle Flat.  For more information on water wells you could contact a local well driller.  You might want to pursue the possibility of a water well, or you might just want to haul your water in from Van Horn.

As of this listing the adjacent 20 acre property is also available.

The ground photos in the slideshow were taken on this property and on the trail road about 1 mile south.  The photographer was able to drive to the property but advises that part of the trail road might wash out in a heavy rain, so you might want to take along a shovel and pick just in case.  You can always rent a skidsteer to more substantially improve the trail road.


Click on this link to see this great property on Google Maps! 



The approximate GPS coordinates of the property's corners:

     Northwest      30.879000° -104.974721°              

     Northeast       30.879000° -104.970503°               

    Southeast       30.875224° -104.970503°               

    Southwest      30.875224° -104.974735°              

Additional NotesAdjacent Property Available

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