El Dorado Estates in New Mexico

Unit 4, Block 8, Lots 6, 8 & 10 1.50 +/- acres

3 side-by-side lots combined are 1.5 +/- acres.  486 feet north-south, 135 feet east-west.  All three lots have eastern frontage on platted Sapillo Street.

The approximate GPS coordinates for the combined property corners are:

     Northwest corner:     32°2'1.41"N, 107°47'55.08"W

     Northeast corner:      32°2'1.41"N, 107°47'53.51"W

     Southeast corner:      32°1'56.60"N, 107°47'53.51"W

     Southwest corner:     32°1'56.60"N, 107°47'55.08"W


Click on this link if you want to see these coordinates on Google Maps.  There you can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, etc.


Land With Great View


About GPS Coordinates:

There are several different systems of GPS coordinates in use today.  Before driving to one of our properties using our GPS coordinates for guidance, be sure that you understand which system your handheld GPS navigation system is set up to use.  On this website we use the traditional Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) system.  Your device can probably be set to use any of the commonly used systems.  It will have to be set to use the Degrees Minutes Seconds system in order to be consistent with our coordinates, or if you wish to use a different system such as Degrees Decimal Minutes or Decimal Degrees, we will be happy to convert our coordinates for you into whatever system you need.  But it is crucial that you use coordinates that are consistent with the settings in your handheld navigation device.  If your navigation device is not using the same system as the coordinates that you are using for reference, you will end up in the wrong location.

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